Saturday, May 23, 2009

BNHS Visit

We visited Conservation Education Centre,of Bombay Natural History Society situated near Film city,Dindoshi on 19th May.this was their regular designed program for children of weaker section.we started close to 7 am and reached by BEST bus after changing one at Dindoshi.22 children and about 4 volunteers attended the same.

Children fron Durga Temple at 11th hour backed off.(morning at 7 am,nobody was ready and I was asked by senior member from the community about my identity and the real purpose of taking children away.Actualy right from 5 days in advance I was making publicity of this program and telling everybody that only those children will be taken for picnic- as they used to call,who will get permisson from their parents in writting or in person if they do not know signing.I gave this job to Sunita,sr.girl from the same community to prepare list and I meself spent 45 minutes previous evening to explain purpose, need,detailed program etc.,or any other doubt they may have.In addition I told Sunita that we want even willing parents to join us for the picnic and they donn't have spend single paisa for this.This practice was followed on our previous picnic too when we went to National Park.Some 4 sr.members,adults, were present that day. As no childre was ready I was also not in mood to re-explain and hence waste time).

as we reached we were received by their program officer and teacher.They took us on trail for 90 minutes,during this they explained various plants, trees, incects, birds whatever came to our way.Chilren enjoyed long and bit challenging trail.Then breakfact was served in full.Followed by slide show,consisting of various animal and plant kingdom Hindi.This was followed by outdoor game based on global warming and quis on whatever was shown and discussed.Program lasted till 1 pm.childrenwere hungry again and this time they consumed packed lunch they brought with them.Back to basti by 2 pm as planned.

Program was really well arranged by BNHS staff and everyboy enjoyed.
Other centres from Mumbai can contact BNHS site and enjoy as we did.It is really worth

N a m a s k a r ,

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