Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apale Ghar - Splendid results

Hi All,

Just now, Mrs. Anandi Patil Madam called me to convey the excellent results of AG Kids.

Wherever I could remember, I have given their last year's marks also.

All kudos to the kids and the hard work by Mrs. Anandi Patil Madam. Many a times, it was a frustrating experience with the kids; but Madam really persevered with them to get us to this stage.

1. Komal Chaudhari - Std. 6 - 1st Rank - 87% (She has been a topper consistently - teacher or no teacher

2. Rutuja Jamdade - Std. 5 - 1st Rank - 76% (pleasant surprise)

3. Karina Gaikwad - Std. 5 - 3rd Rank - 63% (another pleasant surprise)

4. Prachi Randive - Std. 7 - 2nd Rank - 82% (Last year's marks - 60%) - She has been performing fantastic this year.

5. Sayali Jagtap - Std. 7 - 56% (Last year's marks - 42%)

6. Kajal Chavan (Chingi) - Std. 7 - 68% (Last year's marks - 50% - she too has been performing well this year)

7. Suraj Randive - Std. 6 - 76% (he certainly has talent and potential to be at par with Komal; somehow he had lost the focus and attention to studies in the past 2 months).

8. Kajal Gaikwad - Std. 6 - 64% (she has symptoms of attention deficit; but still has improved from the past year)

9. Gauri Chavan - Std. 8 - 62% (her English is poor; just got enough marks or grace marks to clear English)

10. Swapnil Kandhare - Std. 8 - 64% (another case like Suraj)

Thanks and Regards,


KK visit - June 2010

Dear Friends,

We visited KK old age home and provided dinner to residents the past weekend. Thanks to volunteers who joined in spite of rain in Chennai.

Going forward all our visits would be on the first Sunday of the month and  we have booked the same for future visits.


DI Annual Accounts report - 2009-2010

Dear Friends,

You can download the Dream India Educational and Charitable Trust's annual report for the year 2009-2010. from here. Parthy and I, we met our Auditor Mr.Sekar sir today and completed all the formalities required to file the IT returns for the financial year 2009-2010.

I take this time to thank each and everyone of you for the wonderful support offered to follow the process. We have executed projects across India, but still have managed to have each and every project documented properly with receipts and bills. Let us continue to work the same way and continue to remain a transparent organization with 0% admin cost.

I also take this opportunity to thank our Partner organizations for their superb support.Special thanks to Mr.Sekar sir for his timely help and excellent support.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

DreamIndia website upgrade

We are in the process of revamping our website and hence have a downtime on the website We will get the site up and running within a month's time. Please bear with us.

Website Admins
Dream India

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Students Pramila and Sangeetha Educational Support: Project Completed

Dear Friends,

Last year we had supported a student Pramila for her B.Com Education. She continues to work at Queens Land on weekends earning Rs.100 and supporting her family. This student was referred to us by Vasantham madam. We also have supported another student Sangeetha who works with Pramila and also doing the same course. We have given a check for Rs.8000 [ 4000rs each] through Vasantham madam.

The students promised to return back the money in 4 months time. Once done, we would be using the amount for other projects. Attached the project reports and student information details.


"Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress." - Mahatma

Honouring of UnSung Heroes in ezine function

dear friends

As already announced in the group, Golden Jubilee issue of ezine is featuring India Sudar, Dream India and Helping Minds. We are also honouring these three organisations in a simple function to be held at Vinobha Hall, Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya, Venkatanarayana Road, T Nagar, Chennai on Saturday the 1st May 2010.

Many eminent people are joining this event. I have already circulated the invitation through group also.

The programme starts sharp at 10 am. I will be happy if these three organisations' representatives report at the venue before 9.30 am. We will have Mr T S Krishnamurthy, Mr N Gopalaswami, Mr Hansraj MP and Mr Ramasubbu MP on the stage. After your team receives the honour there, the anchor will ask your team to share your feelings. One of you can speak for two minutes maximum.

We are also trying to get Dr Kalam to speak to the audience during the course of the function. This is yet to be confirmed.

Looking forward to meeting you all during the function


Thursday, April 1, 2010

New center in TN - Tirukoyilur

Dear Friends,

I take great pleasure in sharing this news with you. One of our friends Mozhiarasi contacted me sometime back through Mani and expressed her desire to start classes at her village near Thirukovilur. 

I happened to discuss with Mozhi today after long time and learned that Mozhi has started taking informal classes for the children near her house. These children are currently coming to her house during weekends for clarifying their doubts.

We will be starting formal classes at the school premises from next academic year. Mozhi is in the process of organizing all this. A few of friends and I, we would also visit the place to kick off the first class ain the next two months.

I am sure this new chapter of DI will serve many more kids. Please join me in wishing Mozhi all the very best.


Monday, March 8, 2010

DI Valasarawakkam - Updates

Dear All,

I would like to update a few things. The classes at V'vakkam are going at regular pace. We have got 3 new vols for our chapter, named Sriram, Haneefa, Subu. Nata referred Subu to me and he inturn got 2 of his friends. Thanks to Nata. We have started with Computer fundamentals. Sriram, Haneefa & Subu handles computers.Kids, are really showing a large interest towards this move. As a result we are getting a reasonale turn-outs to the classes.

We v'vakkam vols were planning on how to begin with the computers for quite some-time. I always use to keep in touch with the school's HM as to know about, computers' status.

To our surprise, we came to know that the computers in the school was loaded with Linux rather than with Windows. Though we, vols knew a little about Linux, we want the kids to get hands-on training in windows first. Even the school teachers were demanding for Windows only. So, we decided to start the class with our DI computer, arranged by Sriram & Bharathram who 
initiated the V'vakkam chapter along with Nata. 

Then some of our vols went to On-site location as part of their profession. I also spoke with Nata about this. He immediately referred Subu to me in no-time and we successfully started with the computer classes

Thanks & Regards,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Medical project - Chennai

Dear Friends,

Recently we got a medical request for Ms.Padmavathy's cancer treatment. She is the mother of one of a student's who has approached us for educational support [ We could not support as his marks were very low]. Our friends Divya and Vishnu visited the patient in person and verified the case. Based on the details, it was decided DI would give 10,000rs for this surgery.

Through this project, we also got to know a new partner organization called V-Share. They have provided partial support for this patient and Mr.Prakash from V-Share is in touch with the doctor regularly as well.

Lakshimpathy, the student, met me last morning and collected a check for Rs.10,000. He gave me the receipts and documents today morning.  I conveyed our team's best wishes for his mom to recover soon.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

DI Highlight

Dear Friends,

I take great pleasure in sharing a small story that shows the fighting spirit of our kids. Navaneethan is one of our bight students in Adyar class. Currently, he is in ninth standard. Six months ago, we decided to provide Navaneethan scholarship for his typing exam.

The exam is due next month and I happened to meet the instructor. He was not very happy with the performance of our students [ couple of them are eligible to appear for exams next month]. He said he has to try hard and train to get them pass. After this interaction, I met our students and briefed them about the discussion. I simply said, "you guys have set an example for the other fellow students who are coming for the typing class, if you guys fail, then this would only create a fear in other students mind".

Just a few minutes back, I got a message from Navaneethan - 

1st Test. Paper 1 - 20, Paper 2 - 30 Total = 50 Result = Fail

2nd Test. Paper 1 - 0, Paper 2 - 24 Total = 24 Result = Fail

3rd Test  Paper 1-39, Paper 2 -  82 Total = 121 Result = Pass Rank = 4th in class

4th Test Paper 1- 64, Paper 2 - 80 Total = 144 Result = Pass Rank = 2nd in class

God has blessed us to have wonderful kids to with. Our children are the best and they are someone who can go beyond our expectations. It is us, who has got to be there for them. I am very very happy today and am sure they would come out with flying colors. One more important thing - As soon as I announced this in group, our friend Pallavi came forward to support his entire course. Am sure she would be proud and happy as we all are!!!


DI five years celebrations - Fun outing

DI five year celebrations - ECR outing report    

Sunday, January 10, 2010

7th Founder's Day celebration - Apale Ghar

Hi All,
We recently had the Founder's Day celebrations of Apale Ghar, one of our long standing partner organisations in Pune. DI was privileged to be the main organisers of this event. The video of the dance performance by the children can be seen here

Thanks and Regards,
Dream India

Dream India completes five years

Hi Friends,
As an organisation, we have completed five glorious years this January. Started way back in the winter of 2005 in a crummy room in Mumbai, we have now grown into a strong team of dedicated people, sharing the vision of a developed India.

We thank all those who have been supportive of us and have guided us during the tough times. We thank all our students who have made wonderful improvements over the years and have made us proud. We thank our leader Dr APJ Kalam for inspiring us from time to time by taking time off to meet us frequently.

We rededicate ourselves to this cause and pledge both our time and effort in making India a great nation!

Jai Barath!

Student performances in DI

Dear Friends,

I take great pride and joy in sharing this good news with you all. Our students, rather I should say our younger sisters, Fathima [ Seventh semester 74% ] and Bhuvaneswari [ 3rd semester 88.5% ] have scored excellent marks and have made us all proud.

The marks they have scored is the proof for their wonderful commitment to the cause and zeal to be on the top always. I am sure they would soon achieve their desire to be self reliant and not just bring DI possible only for their family, but also to very many families similar to theirs. 

Deepambigai - Student at Anna University whom we are supporting has scored  75% in her 6th semester. Our student Ponni as usual has come out with flying colors scoring 74%. She stands joint third in department.

In addition, Ponni also has cleared OCA with 71%. If you remember, we took the decision to support Ponni for this exam with complete faith that she would clear it. She has proved her worth.

Please join me in congratulating all these students in their stupendous educational achievements.