Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Medical project - Chennai

Dear Friends,

Recently we got a medical request for Ms.Padmavathy's cancer treatment. She is the mother of one of a student's who has approached us for educational support [ We could not support as his marks were very low]. Our friends Divya and Vishnu visited the patient in person and verified the case. Based on the details, it was decided DI would give 10,000rs for this surgery.

Through this project, we also got to know a new partner organization called V-Share. They have provided partial support for this patient and Mr.Prakash from V-Share is in touch with the doctor regularly as well.

Lakshimpathy, the student, met me last morning and collected a check for Rs.10,000. He gave me the receipts and documents today morning.  I conveyed our team's best wishes for his mom to recover soon.