Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apale Ghar - Splendid results

Hi All,

Just now, Mrs. Anandi Patil Madam called me to convey the excellent results of AG Kids.

Wherever I could remember, I have given their last year's marks also.

All kudos to the kids and the hard work by Mrs. Anandi Patil Madam. Many a times, it was a frustrating experience with the kids; but Madam really persevered with them to get us to this stage.

1. Komal Chaudhari - Std. 6 - 1st Rank - 87% (She has been a topper consistently - teacher or no teacher

2. Rutuja Jamdade - Std. 5 - 1st Rank - 76% (pleasant surprise)

3. Karina Gaikwad - Std. 5 - 3rd Rank - 63% (another pleasant surprise)

4. Prachi Randive - Std. 7 - 2nd Rank - 82% (Last year's marks - 60%) - She has been performing fantastic this year.

5. Sayali Jagtap - Std. 7 - 56% (Last year's marks - 42%)

6. Kajal Chavan (Chingi) - Std. 7 - 68% (Last year's marks - 50% - she too has been performing well this year)

7. Suraj Randive - Std. 6 - 76% (he certainly has talent and potential to be at par with Komal; somehow he had lost the focus and attention to studies in the past 2 months).

8. Kajal Gaikwad - Std. 6 - 64% (she has symptoms of attention deficit; but still has improved from the past year)

9. Gauri Chavan - Std. 8 - 62% (her English is poor; just got enough marks or grace marks to clear English)

10. Swapnil Kandhare - Std. 8 - 64% (another case like Suraj)

Thanks and Regards,


KK visit - June 2010

Dear Friends,

We visited KK old age home and provided dinner to residents the past weekend. Thanks to volunteers who joined in spite of rain in Chennai.

Going forward all our visits would be on the first Sunday of the month and  we have booked the same for future visits.


DI Annual Accounts report - 2009-2010

Dear Friends,

You can download the Dream India Educational and Charitable Trust's annual report for the year 2009-2010. from here. Parthy and I, we met our Auditor Mr.Sekar sir today and completed all the formalities required to file the IT returns for the financial year 2009-2010.

I take this time to thank each and everyone of you for the wonderful support offered to follow the process. We have executed projects across India, but still have managed to have each and every project documented properly with receipts and bills. Let us continue to work the same way and continue to remain a transparent organization with 0% admin cost.

I also take this opportunity to thank our Partner organizations for their superb support.Special thanks to Mr.Sekar sir for his timely help and excellent support.