Monday, November 30, 2009

Mayanoor Sports Club - Inauguration

Dear Friends,

I am extremely happy to share the wonderful news that with the help of Mr.Gunasekaran, we have started our very first "Dream India sports club" for Mayanoor school children. 

It has been dream of a few of our friends in DI to create awareness about physical activities and provide a platform to bring the talent of children in various sport. It is then, we met Mr.Gunasekaran sir, HM of Mayanoor school. Sir told me about his dream of starting a sports club for the children and with the consent of our trustees, we decided to execute this project. 

Our friend, Manikandan [ DI Mumbai and Chennai volunteer] would sponsor this sports club entirely on his own. Dream India also thanks Mr.Gunasekaran for giving us a chance to start this sports club and for his wonderful support.

A brief note on Mr.Guna sir: He gave up his lucrative job overseas and came back to India with a burning desire to become a teacher. The students of Mayanoor are the one blessed to have Mr.Guna as their HM. Sir is one of the action board members of our Partner India Sudar.

It is important to note that Mr.Guna sir is gonna take care of the payment to the coach every month on his own. We cannot find a better person than Mr.Guna sir to start this sports club.

Natarajan Raman

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dream India Science Exhibition 2009 - Adyar Government School

Dream India conducted Science Exhibition at Adyar Government School on 21.11.09 for the students of Class 8 and 9.

The Students split themselves into 12 teams consisting of 2 to 4 students. A whole gamut of  topics were selected which included Rain water harvesting, Electric train, Periscope, Optical Illustration Using Lenses, Glass Moulding,  Parts of human body, Importance of Wild life, A walking robot, Essentials of Vitamins, Pedal Car, Global Warming, Park, Volcano, Electrical Conductivity, Few Chemical Experiments etc.

We were surprised with the creativity that these students demonstrated knowing that they never had the opportunity to organise an exhibition or visit one!
It was very tough to decide the winners as most of the students excelled in their creations. The winners were announced based on creativity, cost, communication skills, presentation and teamwork. There was an unanimous decision for the first prize winner as they stood out from others through their demonstration skills, low cost and the simple yet interesting product. There were 2 second prize and 3rd prize winners. We also gave 2 special prize.

The models were displayed to all the school students on Monday.At the end of the show, both the students and the volunteers were glad at the outcome. We hope to have similar events in the future.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Founder of partner NGO Payir, wins award

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Action2020 team and India Vision2020 team, Poornima, Janakiraman, Nagappan, Ponmudi and myself, we had the privilege to attend the "For the sake of Honour Award" function held at Taj yesterday evening.

Dr.Irai Anbu I.A.S graced the function and conferred the award to Payir Senthil. In his acceptance speech, Senthil once again reiterated his dream on bringing a change in thinking and lifestyle and not just the developmental aspect of villages.

Dr.Irai Anbu's speech was simply amazing. He appreciated Senthil's wonderful work and also offered to extend all possible support.

I also would like to mention about President of Rotary club Esplanade, Mr.Govindarajan. It was almost 15 months ago he got to know about Senthil. But since then he has been following up with Senthil regularly on Payir's development and has extended support at all possible levels. Mr.Govindarajan also expressed happiness about our Action2020 team and  his desire to work together to achieve our mission.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening and on behalf of IV2020 and Action2020 team, we once again congratulate Payir Senthil and thank Rotary club of Esplanade for honouring the most deserving person.

Please visit for more details on this amazing NGO.

IV2020 - Action2020 Team.

Educational Scholarships - Anitha Prabhu

Amidst all the fun times of the festival season, we also continued with our educational scholarships. Smt. Anitha Prabhu from mNellore had scored pretty good marks but was unable to fund her college admissions completely due to her poor financial conditions. Having heard about this from our partner trust India Sudar (Light of India), we pitched in with some percentage of the requirement. We hope to see Smt Anitha complete her education with flying colors and make her parents proud.

Diwali celebrations 2009 - Vasantham and KK

Dear Friends,

All our children thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Diwali and the smiles in their faces left us all satisfied.

This year we bought crackers for Rs.5000 which was distributed to the following homes:

1) Anna Nagar class
2) Adyar class
3) V'Vakam class
4) Vasantham and
5) SV Home

We also bought sweets for our children. KK visit happened exactly a week before diwali and we gave 30rs for each grandmas as stitching charge apart from dinner. They were very happy and blessed all our members.

KK Home

Vasantham Home