Monday, March 8, 2010

DI Valasarawakkam - Updates

Dear All,

I would like to update a few things. The classes at V'vakkam are going at regular pace. We have got 3 new vols for our chapter, named Sriram, Haneefa, Subu. Nata referred Subu to me and he inturn got 2 of his friends. Thanks to Nata. We have started with Computer fundamentals. Sriram, Haneefa & Subu handles computers.Kids, are really showing a large interest towards this move. As a result we are getting a reasonale turn-outs to the classes.

We v'vakkam vols were planning on how to begin with the computers for quite some-time. I always use to keep in touch with the school's HM as to know about, computers' status.

To our surprise, we came to know that the computers in the school was loaded with Linux rather than with Windows. Though we, vols knew a little about Linux, we want the kids to get hands-on training in windows first. Even the school teachers were demanding for Windows only. So, we decided to start the class with our DI computer, arranged by Sriram & Bharathram who 
initiated the V'vakkam chapter along with Nata. 

Then some of our vols went to On-site location as part of their profession. I also spoke with Nata about this. He immediately referred Subu to me in no-time and we successfully started with the computer classes

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