Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anna Nagar (Chennai) updates - May 09

Dear All,

The classes are going on well. Now that the annual holidays are drawing to a close, kids are expected to be back in town and join the clan. We've been a bit irregular as well. With a few out-of-station trips happening over a couple-o-weekends, we are now back on track.
A couple of months back a volunteer Aravindh had joined our team. He had to go to Mangalore for his training. Luckily he's been posted back to Chennai which is good news fo us. Another new volunteer - Ravi (from IBM) has joined us and he's been in for about a month. He's spoken to his collegues and looks like another 8 volunteers are interested. I need to discuss with Ravi on this. Apart from this, Durai, Divya and I are here.
The Small Savings scheme are going on well for the kids. I submitted this months' savings today. Though the kids are spending their pocket money on junk food (thanks to the annual holidays) volunteers have been able to cover it up.
Good news from Kannadasan's front. The 10th results were out today and Kanna has scored 421/500. Mathematics let him down. Otherwise he's done very well and made us proud. We're planning to set the map right for his +2. Meanwhile, he's been using his free time on type-writing classes and he's doing well.
Thats it folks.
Rest in next

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