Friday, July 25, 2008

Report on Visit to SV Orphanage home and New life

Dear All,

Last weekend Parthy, Ravin and myself, we visited couple of homes in Chennai : Sarojini Vardapan Trust Orphanage [ Referred by Rajender ] and New life charity home.

SV home:

To those who are from TN, Sarojini Vardapan is the daughter of ex CM of the state Mr.Bakthavachalam. They are running this school and the orphanage is a part of that.

We started around 7 in the morning to make sure we reach the place before traffic takes heavy toll. We reached SV home around 9 in the morning. The in charge of the home, Ms.Kamala welcomed us and explained the operations of the orphanage. Most of the children residing in the orphanage do not have their father, cases like father leaving the family alone were there too. Around 15 out of 90, I guess are orphans.Later we saw the rooms in which the children stay and other facilities as well. Later, we distributed the chocolates we had got for the kids and gave the rest of the snack items to the in charge.

In the mean time, I had a casual chat with 10th and 12th standard students. They are all from various parts of TN and the conversation gave us complete trust in all that Ms.kamala mentioned. Overall, the requirements of the home looks very genuine.

Important points:

a) Home is funded 80% by government and 20% by the trust. This gives Rs.225 for each children every month. This includes the salary of the teachers as well.

b) Attached report explains the complete requirement of the home. Kamala madam was more concerned about a need for a teacher. She was repeatedly telling us to help in for the education of the kids.

New life:

We reached New life around 1 PM. Lalitha madam was kind enough to arrange for the school van pick us from Sri Perumpadur. Sri Vidhya is one of the students whose education we support through IS. Her mother works in new life. I spoke to her mom and found that Sri Vidhya was studying very well. However, the other student Ms. Nithya whose fee we paid for nurse training has discontinued the course and is married now. It is important to note here that this student Nithya was the one who tried committing suicide for want of fee for the course.

Later, we had lunch at new life along with other volunteers. We also met one of the teachers Mr.Loganathan deployed by IS and saw the computer center set up by IS as well. After collecting the requirements of the home [ in the attached report ] we left for home around 3.30.

We can discuss further and decide on the support we can extend.



Sorajini Varadappan Girls School Trust Orphanage:

90 students, right from 1std to 12th std. Each kids are getting Rs.225 [ 80% welfare society and 20% Management]

+2 - 6 students [ 4 pure science, 1 vocational course and 1 History group ]

10th - 8 students

1) Teacher - English, Maths and Science [ 10th and +2]

2) Gas - 7 gas required, 1200rs each, then would come around 7200rs.

3) Vegetables - Fridge second hand

4) Uniform and plates - already done by someone.

5) Tour arrangement - Should be okay.

6) Kitchen - extra building reqd.

7) Paper - [ english and Tamil ]

8) Computers for school

What we can do?

a) deploy a teacher - 1500rs to 2000rs per month. Pay post dated check for 12 months

b) Paper - [ The Hindu and Dinamalar ]

c) Fridge - Second hand or first hand slightly damaged.

d) Gas - may be one cylinder

e) Arrange for tour later.

New Life Chairty home:

1) One student requires B.Tech education support. [ partial payment ]

2) Other requirement:

Long size unruled - 150
Small size ruled - 200
Pen - 250
Ink Pen - 2 dozen [ Ink Bottle ]
Pencil - 10 dozen
Sharpner - 5 box
eraser - 5 box
Black Board - 200
White sheet - 3 realm
Geometry note - 50
Record Note - 25


"Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress." - Mahatma


Tushar said...

nice report
i hope it was a grt and unforgettable day

Tushar said...

nice report
i hope it was a grt and unforgettable day