Thursday, July 17, 2008

Borivali Updates

Hi all

The Borivli classes are going fine post summer vacation.

After the dance-n-drama + comp stint in vacation, its back to acads now :) I went to class this sunday after some time ..and was pleasantly shocked to see 5-6 new students !!! I guess the 'thanks-giving' meet organized by Gawarikar sir has reaped immediate results in this !!! The good thing about Sunday was that there were four of us - Prabhakar, Sharvari, Gawarikar Sir and I -- after a long time it was easier to manage the kids :))

But, we surely miss Kiranbala's presence. She is recuperating well and we hope to have her realllllly sooooon :)) Also, unfortunately, havent been able to get in touch with Sundaram Sir (the ex-military man, who taught computers) ...he hasnt been around for a long time now, but I cant reach his num -- his residential address isnt known :((

Well, there has been one major update too -- Suraj and Chandan have been now admitted to the Municipal English medium school - though one grade lower. It has been a long story ... we were on the lookout to admit Suraj in a private Eng med school nearby. (the prime reason being that the education imparted in his current municipal hindi med school is very much below par and isnt something to look forward to.

Also, since Suraj is a bright child, his potential wasnt really tapped in his school) Padmaja and I went around the various schools, but with no luck. One school - J.B.Khot School - was very supportive though. They were willing to admit him 2 grades lower (in 3rd std instead of 5th) ..we thought about the prospect of losing two years, but finally agreed since the school is a very good one (i can vouch for it since I studied in it !!) Suraj had to give an exam for that - which comprised English, Math and EVS of std 2. We had around 2 weeks to get him ready and tried our level best for that. But, unfortunately, the reality struck us hard. In his exam, Suraj was way below expectations in English and EVS; Math was quite good.

And Suraj was one of our very good students -- so this clearly showed us the amount of work to be done and the efforts to be put in by all (including students). Anyways, the principal of the school was still willing to admit him inspite of the performance but we both felt that it would do him more dis-service. The basic problem would to be adjust to all English suddenly and that too where others are ahead of him. So, we discussed and came out with some solution -- that we admit him to a municipal Eng med school for this year -- so that he gets accustomed to the English culture and also we can work with him to improve his English further in mean time --- and next year again we can try admitting him to J.B.Khot school, if we feel he has made good progress.

So, the end result is that both Suraj and Chandan have been admitted to local municipal eng med school, one grade lower (Suraj in 4th and Chandan in 5th). Its now 2 weeks since the have been in the school and are enjoying it :)) We will see how it goes from here and then think of the action plan an year later !!!

Well, thats about it ... been really an interesting month or so :)



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