Monday, March 23, 2009

Queensland trip along with Vasantham Kids .March 09'

Its my turn to share our sweet memorable experience with vasantham kids at queensland water theme park.I sware you guys that you have a missed a lot if you are not a part of this trip .

Myself and Nata started by 8.30 in the morning from thiruvanmiyur and reached by 10.As madam said they will be ten minutes late myself and nata moved to a petty shop to have a cup of tea and vadai .After that we moved inside .

Mean while Madam reached the park along with the school kids .Nata assisted madam in getting the tickets for everyone .Staffs of vasantham school and volunteers from different NGOs moved in along with the kids .Myself and nata entered and took the responsibility of queuing up kids for the next move into the theme park.We took the children for selected games as because as madam said the kids would get scared if they go rides that are little risky.We went for rope car , dashing car,Dancing Queen(name of games dont get confused) we queued up kids along with volunteers and staffs .In the mean while we had a break(as the kids might get little hungry and thirsty) we took some snacks and a lemon drink.Parthy joined our party at the start of our first Break.

After the break we planned to go for a water ride (Himalayan water ride would get closed before 2pm ) .Awesome all the kids thoroughly enjoyed the game.Mean while again we took a break for lunch.Parthy and Nata served food for the kids and finally its time for us .We sat together(Myself,Parthy,and Nata) and had a great lunch.Parthy took less quantity of food as because again he has to join with his family for another lunch.After that we had a rose milk drink and we are jammed like as if we can move anymore or anywhere .Parthy left the place as he had an important commitment with his family.

After a short period volunteers and staffs of vasantham school went for another ride( free fall tower).And after that we all reached swim pool where all the kids along with these staffs and volunteers jumped inside the pool and enjoyed with the vasantham kids .

Finally its time for us to leave the place .We thanked Madam for giving us a wonderful oppurtunity for spending a great day with the kids .

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