Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kakkum Karangal Children's home visit - March 09'

Sorry for intruding into Natarajan's space but this time it will be me writing about Kakkum Karangal. And I am not talking about the old age home, it is the Children's Home run by the same institution. 

The usual suspects Shyam, JP, Nata reached the place by about 7 pm and I joined them thirty minutes
 later. The small but homely place is run by an elderly woman and has about 50 orphaned children, mostly girls. We started by making the kids sit down in lines and one of the elder girls laid down the plates for all. Hot idlis were then given to the kids by all of us, three to the bigger ones and two to the young ones. Based on need, we later gave more idlis to the children, who gulped down the delicacy along with the sambar and the chutney. 

Then came the hot coffee, that we later decided to remove from the menu item from our next visit. Finally by 8 o clock the dinner was over.

The group gathered in their TV room after that and the kids sang one by one, the ruckus was uncontrollable. :) Shyam and Nata joined in the fun by dancing to the tunes. The kids also told us what they wanted for their next dinner party - Parottas/Chapatis, cool drink, and Sonpapdi. 

With smiling faces all around, we departed the place after thanking the people in charge and selecting the date for our next trip - April 12th.

We might make TCS sponsor this event on a monthly basis. JP and Nata will talk to TCS Chennai about this and we will soon know the outcome.

Overall, the Sunday evening was spent in a very beautiful way and I salute the volunteers of Chennai who have been doing this month after month for very long now.

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