Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Plans for Adyar school

Dear Friends,

I met Mr.Jayaram, the HM of the Adyar School today morning. Thought of giving you all a quick updates on the meeting.

  • Date for elocution competition, quiz and others: We have decided to conduct the program on Saturday, Jan 24th, 2009. The prize distribution would be done on 26th to mark the republic day.

  • Sunday, 28th, 2008 would be the day for Birla planetarium visit. Will speak to SV home and most probably club this together. HM requested me to get a written letter permission from each of the children's parents. There are around 15 of them and we would take care of it coming week.

  • Computers: Rotary club [ We know Mr.Rajshekar who heads this very well ], has already donated 5 to 6 computers, but they are just being kept idle in a room. HM agreed to let us check the state of the PC's and install them properly this Saturday after the class. I have told him that Dream India can deploy a computer teacher paying a salary of 1500 - 2000rs per month. Until we find a teacher, I would be visiting the school on day time to teach children.
Just a very pleasing note: Looks like even during that terrible weekend when rains lashed Chennai, Children had come for the classes. But HM asked them to leave as he knew it would be tough to conduct classes. "We have got a bunch of kids who are really sincere and it is our duty to ensure we give them the best" - This is what each volunteer at Adyar feel.

Each of the projects above would be shared with all city group with complete documents. I have copied only Chennai and Bangalore because people from nearby can plan to join one of the events.

Dream India

"Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress." - Mahatma

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