Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clean road campaign - Pune

Hey hello everybody... 
We all (Deepak S, Deepak P, Ashish and his Parents, Nupur, Ashwini, Gagan, Amit, Sameer D Sir,Preetam, Priyanka, Surendra, Swati, Jeevan, Jyoti..... (Junta pls add the names if I had missed out anyone..) )
Starting on with the Shramadan....
All of us... were there on the lanes of Donge Apla Ghar Ashram.... picking up the mud and clear off the big stones and mending the road... for a change we had all the techies sweating out on the scenic hillock of Donge.... Must say.. Kaka was there encouraging all of us and yeah working too....... it seemed as if we were on a great mission full of enthu and beaming energy cheering each other, laughing and cracking jokes too........ In nutshell an ultimate example of Teamwork by Team DI .......can be seen on the way to the Aapla Ghar Aashram at Donge the approx 1 Km stretch road was ready to use.
Kaam k baad Dhamaal
The evening program started off with the Marathi traditional folk songs more famously known as Barood sung by two elderly women.
Kudos to their energy level at that age too..... they were really awesome...... sending out the goodie goodie messages specially for the kids like being helpful to talking about the worldly pleasures to youth...their songs had it all......the best thing was the way things were presented. :) This was followed by the felicitation of the singers.
Bhogan time
The mausis of Apla ghar served mast mast traditional dishes with hot kheer as desert.....
Baccho ka Kamaal
Now starts the asli dhamal..........the AG kids did wonders....with their dancing and singing talents....offcourse with Deepak dada n Priyanka didi's creative guidance. Itta mast tha k Kaka ne bakshish b di... :)
All of us singing our gutts out in the moonlit chilly night around the campfire.....and ya how can I miss out...Amit playing his mouthorgan...kya fundu bajata hai yar good going... sahi mein had an awesome evening boss!!!
Thanks to all !!! (padhnewalo ko bhi.... :p )

Warm Regards,

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