Thursday, December 10, 2015

DI - Flood Relief Work - Day 2 - Dec 4 2015

Dear all,

Dec 4,  2015.

Muglivakam update : this area is absolutely cut off from mobile network. As soon as we reached the place, we were totally out of network. We had to take a boat to meet the residents. Local person one Akhilesh father, corporation, a person from Hyderabad who had come on behalf of his friend from the US to check status of parents and friends from gopalapuram joined at the same time with food and more stuff. All are fine here and are being fed on time.

Boatmen are staying here so no issues. Problem was it started raining heavily, we all got drenched. When we came back and wanted to visit Saidapet and velachery rains literally started pouring and our KH could not hold. And police warned about more water to be opened and kasi theatre bridge to be closed (not sure if It would be). So we had to stop visiting other other places and after quite a challenging 100 feet road journey (avoid this) reached home in very severe rain. So people out of the country or state for your kind information -  residents of muglivakam are all fine, hale and healthy except for connection  with outside world. 

We plan to visit Saidapet and velachery tomorrow. Thanks to Raja Rajan sir and Vignesh, Vasantham Special School for vehicle, Patterns, Dream India, tcs sagas friends, mrec Tamil alumini and many more friends for support. It's been raining heavily at many places. Let us pray to rain God for mercy.



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