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Date:   26-JAN-2014

Dear Friends,

I went to Alapakkam School yesterday to be a part of Republic Day celebrations at 8.15 AM for the function scheduled at 8.30 AM. Head Master Joseph Sir greeted me with a warm welcome and offered me a flag which I pinned with pride in heart. Pazhani PT sir also shook hands with me and welcomed me to the function. Soon the erstwhile DI kids spotted me and felt amused by my presence and came running towards me and enquired about my well-being. I inturn inquired them about their well-being, studies and tenth standard final exam preparations. I also acknowledged a few current DI kids.

Head Master Sir & me had a brief discussion until the arrival of the chief guest(s)- Alapakkam Ward Councillor Mr.Devadoss and Parent Teacher Association President Mr.Raja Velu. Joseph Sir gave me a brief background about the two People who are about preside the function on how Good those people are at heart. He said Mr.Raja Velu sir is running his own Charitable Trust and Homes near Valasai where he offers lunch to 100 inmates on a daily basis and had contributed immensely to the School Monetarily as well as building classrooms, flooring out of his own interest. On the contrary, Sir also said that Mr.Devadoss is kind of a person who doesn't give a damn about extending a hand to help the school or anyone in some way or the other. In a no-choice kind of way Joseph Sir accepted to let Deva to hoist the flag when Deva himself called and fixed an appointment with the school.

Mr.Raja Velu is the person who features in our Dream India Calendar 2014, January Page.
I shook my head in horror when Sir finished explaining the Deva's Instinct. The function was scheduled at 8.30 AM and Sir kept making reminder phones to Deva from 8.30 AM to 9.00 AM. But, only few of his calls were answered and the rest of the attempts were ignored. Pazhani PT Sir too suggested an idea of making a call to Deva from my Own Cell Phone. I thought Sir was actually factual. Deva behaved true to the words of Sir from the moment stepping down from his Air-conditioned Vehicle.

Day started with "Irai Vazthu" & "Thamizh Thai Vazthu"followed by Deva's hasty run towards the Flag Pole and I clicked him with few others before he hoisted the flag. Followed this, He went straight to pay the floral tributes to the photographs of our nations immortals Mahatma Gandhi & Netaji Subash Chadra Bose. Again a few clicks I made here. Before Deva could flee, He was given two Doves to release it into air marking a significance. He just did that And flown along with the Dove out from the School.

One Kid came himself forward to render a patriotic song and sang beautifully. This was next followed by some inspiring words from Mr.Raja Velu Sir to all the citizens gathered and next followed by a lengthy speech by a "Vyabarigal Sanga Thalaivar" of that area. During the Vyabarigal Sanga Thalaivar speech, the Kids started shifting in their seats several times signaling clearly that all had no clue on what the ongoing speech is about.

Joseph Sir after hearing the commotion went and requested the students to remain silent. Students were offered with Laddus making them to eat rather talk among themselves.  All sprang to attention after the speech concluded and we ended the function by singing our National Anthem with our heads held high.

Photos taken during the function are aired in the below picasa web album for your kind perusal:


- aravindh

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