Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fathima - College education scholarship

Dear Friends,

Through one of our friends we got to know about student Ms.Sreen Fathima a final year CSE Engineering student. She has scored  75% so far without arrears. They got separated from father for some personal reasons and he stopped supporting all of a sudden.

Janu and myself spoke to Fathima, she sounds to be one of the most confident students I have ever come across [ Same as our Ponni]. She is very clear on what she wants to do and how she would want to shoulder her family. For 20 year old, the amount maturity she shows is amazing.

With complete confidence that Fathima would do wonders soon, our team is providing her partial support for Rs.15,000 towards her final year college fee. I am in discussion with her to find some opportunities for her younger brothers and sister. More on that later.

On behalf of Dream India, I wish Fathima all the very best for a bright future.

Dream India

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