Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anti Tobacco Campaign

Hi All
This was planned to be an event by the kids to highlight the evils of Tobacco to the public. We were quite sceptical before this event as neither kids nor we faced public,while rehearsals too kids used to laugh and were never appearing serious.But I made up mind in case everything fails I myself will explain the posters we collected from an other NGO. But while actually performing in front of people everybody was serious and looked like professionals. I was very upset with Sita, Deepak's sister,as she was always laughing while practicing.She however cooly told me once we face audience we will be serious and will not take it lightly,and she proved to be right.

Shashi,my sister-sunanda, Chandrashekhar-Padmaja's brother, Chintan, Sujoy,his mother,Sharvary,her mother,brother,Venkat krishna,Manasi,etc were present. Padmaja was not well but she prompty sent me letters,caps-with DI logo printed on them.
Kids were in full spirits on the 31st of May in the Borivali National Park. Sharvari has taken real pains to go to centre regularly and make them practice their roles. Though original script was mine she modified to suit kids. I took sessions explaining what addiction means. Krishna,Mansi and other volunteers too took part in improvising. On 31, Shashi took full charge of kids he also enjoyed distrbuting posters to and collecting audience.Sujoy's mother distrbuted caps to kids and volunteers.Chintan and Venkat Krishna took out special time and visited and encouraged kids in their task.It was lovely experience,Kids and my sister explained posters to old and young adivasis with equal enthusiasm.

We also collected remarks/opinion from people about our show that was consting of two parts-skit and poster explanation. Breakfast and working lunch was provided to all those present.
Overall, was a great event and hope people turn over a new leaf and quit tobacco.

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