Saturday, April 18, 2009

Borivali updates

The last couple of weeks have been very hectic for the volunteers of the Borivali center. We selected four students to take enroll in a MS-CIT computer course (Project documents attached) and finally paid the money for them today. The course is for three months and will begin on 20th of April. The project documents have more details on the same.
On the 14th, we ushered in the new set of vols from St Andrews College who chose DI to do their summer Social work course. Borivali might see another new chapter for DI, as we spoke to another group of settlers outside tour main Borivali center and started classes for the kids there today morning. Also Attached is a brief course material that we had given to the students for engaging this new batch of kids for the next five days. Considering that the community has also offered us its temple space to conduct our classes, let us hope that this new chapter does well in the days and months to come.
Sharvari and Mr. Gawarikar are actively keeping watch on the students and the new volunteers and will be doing so for the rest of the summer. They will also be trying to arrange career counselling sessions for the kids in one of the upcoming weekends.
Jamuna is pursuing trying to secure summer part-time jobs for some of the students here as well as exploring options of putting Geeta's cousin (who had dropped off school long time back), back in Open School.
Overall, the team has done a very good job and team work was at its very best.
More encouraging factors were how the children were very open to the volunteers about what they wanted to do (Geeta had only suggested the idea of joining the computer course) and that the parents have a lot of faith in us (Deepak's father: "I leave my son to you guys. I do not know how to guide his career, just let me know what I should do to support and you all take care of his career please").
This leaves us with even greater responsibility but we are sure we will succeed in making good citizens out of these students.

Jai Bharath!

Thanks and Regards,
Varun R

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