Friday, October 24, 2008

Report on DI Hyd's Diwali celebration at Kukatpally Children home

Dear Friends,

It is with pleasure I write to you about the diwali celebration of DI Hyd with 41 children of an orphanage in Kukatpally. We have been associated with home since 2005. In 2005, we had got uniforms for all the children of the home.

Plans for event:

* Geethanjali and myself, we had planned for our DI Hyd team celebrating diwali with the children.

* Geethanjali made a personal visit on 12th and discussed the plans with Mr.Raghu.

* Based on her feedback, we decided to give sweet boxes and crackers for the children and a small gift too.

* Samyuktha, Geethanjali's friend ordered for 45 pencil boxes, sweets and kara mixture pack for the children a day before.

* We ordered six packs crackers @275rs each from Spencers near by. Each pack contains 28 items which would be kids friendly.

* It happened so that Parthy and myself we had to visit Hyderabad for a personal work last week and thanks to sincere efforts of our DI Hyd friends, we too got a chance to be a part of this event.

The d-day:

* Parthy and myself, we reached the place with the help of Geethanjali around 12.30 PM.

* Unfortunately, Mr.Raghu was admitted to a nearby hospital as his blood sugar count
increased a lot.

* Mr.Raghu's daughter was very kind and she explained us about the operations of the home.

* The home is run by donations from people like us. She said they would need some assistance towards school fee of the children.

* We hadn't got crackers at that moment and when we checked with her, we found that they would need crackers for the children as well. So we decided to order crackers as per plan.

* Just a note: She was carrying an infant [ snap in album] and we assumed it would be her kid. But soon we found out that the 2 "days" old kid was found in nearby dustbin and brought to the home by policemen. It was shocking to say the least. Most of us might have heard things like this in movies, but to see it in reality was really painful. Looks like they did not even cut her umbilical cord and was full of blood when police found her in dustbin.

* Vijay, DI Hyd member who joined us recently through our dear Deepak P of DI Pune and his friend Sudarshan reached the place by now.

* As we ordered crackers in the nearby spencers shop, Geethanjali and Samyutha too reached the home.

* We also had couple of friends from a nearby college visiting the home.

* It is was so nice to see that the children are being brought up extremely well. They were so kind and wanted us to sit only mattresses. We had to really convince them to be seated on the floor with them.

* With six volunteers and 41 kids, we were all set for wonderful time.

* The kids sang a few prayer songs for us. This was followed by our volunteers distributing pencil boxes to each of the children.

* We had kids reciting rhymes and it was a pleasure to see the children dance for "teddy bear" rhyme. [ Videos are in Album, dun miss out ]

* Soon after this, kids sang movie songs and danced too.

* Our friends, thoughtfully, had bought sweets apart from 45 packs for the children. After distributing this, we handed over the 45 packets of sweets and mixture to the in-charge to be distributed later as it was about lunch time.

* The children sang a few more songs from movies for us.

* It was 2 PM by the time and we decided to leave as children were about to have lunch. With hearts completely filled with the innocent smiles of the children, we all left the home.

* Soon after this, we all had a small meeting where we discussed about the events at other chapters and also the future plans for DI Hyderabad.

Overall, we had wonderful time with the children and they made the day for us all.


Dream India

"Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress." - Mahatma


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Dear Sir,

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sandeep said...

where in kukatpally is this orphanage??