Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Updates on SV home projects

Dear Friends,
I take great pleasure in updating you the status of the projects by Dream India for SV home kids. Ravin and myself, we visited SV home in Poonamalle on Saturday, 20th September, 2008.
  • We left Adyar at around 7.15 to reach SV home by 8.30.
  • We could visibly see the happiness in the kids when they saw us. They were all preparing for their quarterly examination in the morning.
  • We spoke to them and discussed about the Gandhi Jayanthi celebration on Sunday, Oct 5th, 2008.
  • Looks like they have already started preparing for it as Parthy had given the topics to be discussed on phone.
  • We met Kamala madam and discussed about the newspaper subscription project.

  • We were really amazed to see that right from the day DI started newspaper subscription, August 4th 2008 on wards, madam started the routine of students taking notes on important events covering all sections of news from newspapers.

  • Each day after prayer in the evening, before the study hours, one of the students would read the news of the day.
  • They have already completed two long size notebooks of news.
  • Ravin and myself, we were totally surprised to see this awesome effort from their side. We were wondering how to effectively make use of this newspaper project, but the kind of positive spirit from them assured us about the success of this project.
  • Later madam signed the attached documents and project we declared completed. On behalf of DI, Ravin and myself, we signed the document.
  • This was followed by a detailed discussion on the plans for Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations on Oct 5th, Sunday.
  • Details of the same given below.

Plans for 5th:
  • After 10 to 15 minutes of discussion with madam, Ravi and myself we decided on the following,

a) 7.30 - 8.00 Volunteers reach SV Home.

[ Parthy, Ravi, Ramya, Viji, Srini, Baskar and Nata confirmed so far. Kavitha - Tentative ].

b) 8.00 - 9.00 arrangements

Arrange the desks and tables with the help of students for quiz and elocution competition.

c) 9.00 - 9.30 - Screening test for quiz

- Would be in Tamil. Questions being prepared by DI Quiz group.

d) 9.45 - 10.45 - Elocution competition.

- Topics already given to the students. Madam told us that anywhere between 10 to 12 students would be selected. She is doing an internal selection to make sure we do not run out of time. 5 minutes of the small kids till 5th and 10 minutes for 6th + students.

e) 11 - 12.30 - Quiz

Indian Independence , Sports, Current affairs, General Knowledge, Personalities and a few other topics. We do not have a projector, so we would use a LAPTOP for Audio/Video rounds.

f) 12.30 - 2 - Lunch

Special lunch - Veg Biryani, a sweet and ice cream by Dream India for all the kids and staff.

g) 2.15 to 4 - Cultural programs by kids and prize distribution.

Students would sing, dance and do some skits. This would be followed by Prize distribution.


  • Madam told us about the need of dictionary for the kids. This made us plan as follows.
  • All kids who stand first, second and third would get an English to Tamil dictionary, certificate from DI and a trophy. In addition, first prize would get another small book and so.
  • Madam also asked for a common dictionary for the Home.


Parthy, Ravin and Nata - would arrange for the trophies and books required.

DI Quiz group - Preparing the quiz module.

Swami and Parthy - Elocution topics and scale to judge the participants.

Parthy, Nata, Ravin and Baskar - Arrangement for Lunch.

Madam - School already has one microphone, we have asked madam to arrange one more.

Ramya, Viji and Srini - Arrangement of banner and other logistics like laptop on Sunday.

Request interested people to write to me asap so that we can plan this event properly. We are doing a quiz competition and a kind of this for the first time and your inputs would really be of great value.

Also, as far as madam knows, for the past 15 years, there has never been a quiz competition at SV home. This would be first time for them as well. Let us hope to do our best.

The approximate budget we have in mind is Rs.5000 for this event. Of course, a proper request document would be made and shared with the team. It has already been two days since the visit and I did not want to delay this any further and hence shared without the document.

Would like to thank all those volunteer friends who are working across the globe for this event. Also our thanks to couple more, India Sudar - for it is only from them the idea of quiz program came to us and our dear Rajender for letting us know about SV home.

Let me tell you one thing - The kids of SV home are really amazing. They have a superb passion towards the event and the energy they had in them on Saturday completely convinced me and Ravin that we are gonna have a fantastic day on Oct 5th, 2008.

Do join us on this first kind of event in DI - and of course, be a part of History! Don't be the one to hear others say " I was there when it happened", rather be the one who says so!



Dream India

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