Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Visit to Kaakum Karangal Old Age home - Thiruvanmiyur

Yesterday, on 23rd June 2008, Parthy and myself, we visited the old age home of "Kaakum Karangal" at East Maada Street in Thiruvanmiyur. There are 43 residents inlcuding 3 staff members. The lady in charge, Ms. Saraswati was very cordial and explained us the situation of the home in detail.

a) They have all basic facilities at the home.
b) The residents are from various parts of Tamil Nadu.
c) Doctors come once in a week for check up, nearby Kanchi madam sends doctors as per need.
d) Looks like the owner of the place has asked them vacate the building very soon, which they are not very comfortable with. They are in the process of finding another rented structure.
f) Almost all residents left their home to come here because of the ill treatment they were subjected to by their children.

From what we saw, it looks like the old women are all leading a very better life than what they would have had at their own home. We thought we can get them bed sheets and some clothes, but they seems to have them all. Also, only last week some kind hearted donor gave new clothes to all of them.

Based on all these facts, Parthy and I, we have decided to arrange breakfast or Lunch or Dinner from outside for one day for all of them.

As the requirements of the home is more towards food, I think one day food sponsorship per month would be possible from our side. In case, if you are interested to be part of this, please feel free to write to me anytime.


PS: A few months back, our DI chennai members, Jaya Chitra, Divya and Vishnu visited the Kaakum Karangal Children home. We would follow up on that as well very soon.

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