Thursday, December 10, 2015

DI Relief Work - Day 3 - Dec 5, 2015

December 5 2015 visit : Raja sir, my wife Krupa and myself we visited Porur madanandapuram as there was no communication from this place yet. We found that water logging was there at many places, but all the residents are fine and also that they have access to shops and so. We also visited max worth colony and found things to be okay.

Post this we headed towards velachery. On the way we stopped at a relief camp near court Saidapet. We distributed clothes, biscuits and a few more items. It was very very difficult to manage the crowd. We had to rush from there. We found a truck and car being pounded..volunteers on the vehicles had no clue what to do. Absolutely difficult to deal here.

Near the Junction, we had Priya and Srivatasan join us with biscuits, bread and more importantly water packets. We went to baby nagar, tansi nagar, ram nagar and also perungudi railway station. We distributed mosquito coils, Milk packets, bread, bun, biscuits and a few more items to all. One Mr. Ganesh from TCS joined us and helped us to venture through the area. We saw that many groups are attending to them especially about providing food thrice a day. Here again maintaining the order was a challenge. We found that it's easier to deal with flooded areas than camps.

For people who are not being able to connect with relatives at this place,  it's the network that is the issue. And moving across the water logging is a challenge so many are at home. I would say all are safe and are being taken care here.

Then we moved towards royapuram, wimco and reached chetti school. We were welcomed (@*!?l)by local political group. They asked where are you from and what you want to give. The way they answered itself made us feel we made a mistake coming here. They were sarcastically telling us that if you can give for all 600 give else you can't give. We just dropped the clothes and left this place.

We also found lot of support being provided at a relief camp in tvk school Anna nagar.

We also used dettol and bleaching powder to sanitize a few water logged areas.

Overall,  the rain was less severe today and many of the places are recovering. It will take time to get the complete mess cleared but be assured that people are being attended to.

We plan to wait and watch the situation on ground. Lot of big organizations and administration (now that water is drained at most places) are in to play now. We would like to resume our work on need basis and focus on them again once the focus shifts from them.

We would like to thank Dream India friends, Patterns, Vasantham Special School, MREC Tamil alumini, tcs sagas friends, Action2020 team,  Tamil Nadu flood support FB page and many of our friends for the support and helping us along the way.

We believe (if no rains further)  city should be back to work by Monday and areas out of network to be restored in a few days. Hope rain God thinks the same.



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