Thursday, December 10, 2015

DI - Flood Relief work - Dec 3rd, 2015 Update

My view after the visit to the affected areas - choolaimedu camps , t nagar, arumbakam and other areas via that. This post is for people who wants to go and help. This is applicable only for people in relief camps or who are out of floods and on road without home.

1) Many people and organizations, including corporation,  are providing food for all.

2) The need of the hour is to see how the area they stay can be sanitized at least to the basic level.

3) People are refusing cooked food at some places, yes they are not being able to take because they do not have TOILET facilities.

We need organizations who have worked on disaster management at a big level earlier to handle this.

4) If you want to provide food, give them dry stuff like biscuits or stuff that can remain unspoiled for a few days.

5) They need paste, soap, sanitary napkins, mosquito coils or some repellent.

6) Now comes the most important part, we need to work with the local SPOC to deliver all these. If you think as soon as one arrive, people will come one by one or in a queue to get items, then we will be done there.

7) And for someone who cannot venture out to affected places or camps, the road next to you will need traffic management. Yesterday spent four hours and as time grew by many joined me in ordering the flow. But what is appalling is that the number of people who wants to JUST watch the floods flow are more than actual people who wants to travel with propose.  If we can't contribute, nothing wrong, please stay home, that can be the biggest contribution.

8) We put the trash on roads and they came back to our homes through floods.. And again it was so disappointing watching people spit,  throw tea cups, water pockets, cigars etc on the flood. Do we deserve a better city? I don't know.

9) We need to learn about disaster manageme

nt as well. We have to attend formal classes instead of being half baked. This has to be made as a mandatory subject.

Overall, the areas like Saidapet (we could not even go there, boat arrived just then we were told),  Teynampet (again huge crowd watching flood) will take at least a day or two become normal.

Thanks to my dear tcs SAGAS, Dream India, Vasantham Special School,  Patterns and Action2020 team we could deliver dettol, paste, soap, sanitary napkins, biscuits for about 100 people via local spoc.

We plan for one more round for people on streets of arumbakam tomorrow, hope we can.

Thanks to Hari Balaji, Vignesh, my father in law who all together ventured into the flooded roads to ensure material reached  safely.

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