Thursday, December 10, 2015

Appeal for DI Relief Work - Exercise Caution - Dec 5th 2015

My dear fellow brothers and sisters who are currently away from Chennai and who feel guilty and bad for not being able to be on ground. Please take this assurance from me. City is getting better and most of the places are accessible. Lack of mobile network connectivity does not mean people are in soup. Volunteers are on ground ensuring people get basic needs addressed. So please do not worry and more importantly DO NOT feel guilty and donate to some XYZ.

At many places, People have reached a stage where they throw food as it is in excess and clothes are being dumped in rooms. Of course there are places where there is need, but that would become balanced only when the problem of same place getting dumped with more stops. Everyone is cooking food and do not know where to give. People in camps have started asking for choice of food, biscuits or anything that they see from what is being taken there. If anyone or any NGO asks for donation, please speak to them.

Understand what is that they do, what is going on and then donate. It's not the same emergency situation as it was three days ago where you had to give without questioning. Person taking money now should be able to explain their plans clearly on what they need to do. If the person taking your money is not someone whom you cannot reach out by a call or email or text, then it's time to stop giving. It's accountability stuff on both sides. Your job does not end by donating and their job does not end by just taking it. Take time, find out right people on ground, it could be your own friends group or a neighbor next to you. Do things through them than doing it just because someone is popular.

Thanks for being there for people always. #chennairains #chennaifloodsrelief #chennairelieffund

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