Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adyar Typing course

Dear Friends,

We have got a very good development at our classes for 9th standard students. As you all are aware, Navaneethan is already enrolled for lower level typing exam for the past 3 months. A few others promised to join on their own, but I found that they did not. When I checked, I found most of them did not get enough support from their family.

Last Saturday, I could luckily visit their families. I told them all about enrolling the kids and they readily agreed. As an incentive, we are paying their first month fee and have clearly told the students that they should come to us only if their family situation really turns bad and cannot pay for them. All their parents are daily wagers and they in housing board colony near my area.

Today, the kids came to give the receipts to me and know what - Looks like when the news about their enrollment spread, many more students [ not part of our DI classes ] enrolled and are continuing the course. It is like "goodness spreads goodness". I can vouch that our students are becoming examples for others, the ideal situation we are all working towards.

Also, even the students who are not good in subjects seems to be doing very well on the typing course. It is our duty to ensure the inner talent of the kids are found and addressed so that they become better citizens tomorrow.

Plan is to have our 17 kids from 9th should clear the lower level exam by Feb 10. I would be talking to remaining kids this week. The project costs Rs.1120 for 7 students, but the benefit cannot be expressed in terms of any value. Attached the project documents for your reference.

Dream India

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