Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shishu Mandir - An India Sudar report

Dear Friends

Visited Sishumandir on Sunday along with Udhay. We wanted to meet up with the new teacher who will be take over as previous teacher left us. Previous teacher Mrs.Yashoda served us really well. She left because of health reasons. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Currently there are 22 students. the average varies between 40 to 20.
Current year has seen some good adoption from public(More than 100 kids adopted !)
The new teacher also seems to be enthusiatic candidate.

Details of Teacher :

Name : Ms. Mala
Age : 20
Qualification : PUC

Due to unfortunate cisrcumstances, had to leave her husband and come to banglore city. Orginally from rural bangalore. Currently she is with Govt Wome's home in the same campus as Sishu mandir. She has 2 year old kid also.

The home officer Ms.halima interviwed her earlier and shortlisted.
We find he ok to proceed with our current project.

Since she is also in the same campus it will be useful and also we see this as oppurtunity to give a push to her life also. Both ways a win -win for us.

Sishu Mandir project in Bangalore was one of the first projects we started partnership with Dream India team & has been successfully completed 3 years.We will continue our association for the 4th consecutive year also for this project.

Once again our sincere thanks to Dream India for partnering with us on our journey ! Its been a pleseant experience as always

Will update all once we prepare the project report !


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