Monday, September 21, 2009

Children's home visit - Chennai

Dear All,

It gives me immense pleasure to share about our DI Valasaravakkam project - 2. As part of our second project we planned to visit 'Ramamoorthy educational & rehabiliation trust ', a home for parentless children on sep.20 (sunday).

We DI vols reached the home by 9.15 a.m. and had a brief introduction with the kids & trustee. We also had a special guest Miss.Shobana, HR of L & T with us.

Then we started with prayer.Our first event was 'Word Anthakshiri'. We had this event to enrich their vocabularly and develop spontanity.That seems to be very interesting. We gave chocolates to the winner and runner.

Our next event is 'Passing the ball'. Something like 'Musical chair'. We'l play a music and kids need to pass the ball from their hand to others without dropping it. It was very interesting towards the end.

Third event was 'mini snow bowling'. We piled up the cups and asked the kids to come in turn and throw the ball towards the cup. One who made least number of cups intact will qualify for next level (i.e., We'l extend the distance of meters). Again one who made least number of cups intact declared as the winner. To our surprise we had a many close calls. So, we equally gave them the chocolates as prizes.

Next we played 'Dumbsharabs'. We splitted 20 kids into 2 teams and we vols joined in their team and played along with them. Category was film names. Many came up with tough names that we couldn't guess it.

Then we had lunch from 12.30 p.m. - 1.30 p.m.

Post lunch we started with the 'screening of Tom & Jerry' cartoon. This is the most interesting of all. Kids were enjoying to their core & laughing out loud, by there alomost we came to know about our success. We provided with the snacks like biscuits, juice, chips (One of our vol[Ashik] bought it from Kerala) to them while watching the toon at 3.30 p.m.

I prepared a feedback form and asked them to fill it up and give me. I asked the kids to 'feel free in writing'. I'l go thourgh it, scan and send you soon.

In the end we had some culturals like asking the kids those who are interested in singing, dancing, doing mimicry, poem reciting. They voluntarily came up the performances which were too good. Finally, we asked few kids to come up and speak about the day's events and how they felt. All were happy in attending our sessions.

I hereby take this opportunity to thank HR of L & T Miss.Shobana for coming and spending her day with kids and DI team.

Thanks & Regards,


Arunan said...

A memory that I will cherish for my entire lifetime.

Endrum Anbudan,

DiDo said...

How do i volunteer to help kids at thane... anyone who can help me ??