Monday, November 17, 2008

Visit to Vriddhashram

Hi Everybody!,
Sunday we visited Vridhashram in Gorai with 39plus8 volunteers of Borivali centre.From National Park to Bhainder Stn east then crossing over to west side catching ST bus then to Kishangopal Rajpuria Vridhhashram at Uttan Gorai Rd,tel.022 28450158.(contact shri Paresh Deshpande).
We were received wel by their staff,and offered freshly made Alu pohe and hot tea at Dada dadies(Nana Nanies you can call) were received at the Shiva Temple by our children as you can see them in photos.Introduction program jncluded greeting cards made by children,presentation of handkerchiefs and Sashtang Pranam.
Followed by cultural program,prize disribytion by the hands of dada dadis and seeing the actual Drawings made by the children
Break for lunch,Dada dadies were escorted to their dining rooms and we took lunch we carried,in temple.
In this temple only we had played gams till 3;30/4.Then return journey..
High lights;
1)Entire program of keeping children was managed by 3 teacher-students and their friends,including holding of drawing competion.

2)Escorting was also assisted by them and for return journey Shri Shashi has given required support for escorting from Bhainder west till Kulup wadi.(this was very crowded and bit torturous too especialy when everybody was tired.

3)Sharvari escorted children up to their doorstep as Geeta had sever headache.

4)On return journy we waited for 1 full hour at gorai rd for bus for such a long wait there was mandatory bathroom call,to be answered.Then as all buses were completly packed and not stopping to allow us to board,we were foeced to divert rout to Uttan Naka and then tn Bhainder,adding to cost,time and trouble.

5)There was very good cooperation from childre too(they were warned,if they don't they will not be joijning for nrxt tour....probably this worked).

6)We learnt some thing from Teacher-student(and hope they also learnt something from us)

7)I think this activity was enjoyed by everyone including volunteers,Senior citizens,staff of Vrudhhashram.


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