Saturday, November 8, 2008

Visit to Aarey Milk Colony pada

DI took the children from our Borivali center to meet the kids of Gaudevi Pada in the Aarey Milk colony area, Goregaon. The following is a small report from Mr. Gawarikar on the event:
Hi everybody!
As we planned we went to Devipada centre with 39 children and 6 volunteer,including 3 from teachers collage,who will be with us for 4/5days.All our kids enjoed outdoor activity and games and were fully charged.Three volunteers from teacher's collage has done very good job and mixed with chidren very well(though 5/6 of boys are very difficult to manage).From Kulupwadi to Borivali Stn and from there to pickinc spot we went by BEST Bus.On return journey we had to split group in two so as to in to bus comming from Mulund almost full(and this happend to be working day).Only thing happend were;

1)Pada children did not mix well with these children.
2)I forgot to take 1st aid kit(2/3boys needed them,while playing).
3)As usal 3/4 girls wommited in bus due to motion sickness,as we carried plastik bag this was managed some how.Return journey we had no problem.

We noticed that;
1)children are very well interested in picknik and outdoor activities.We must use this and bargain with them to increase their attendence(even boyes who are difficult to control).  
2)New teachers are very well accepted by children.

Subhash Gawarikar

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