Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Visit to Samyuktha Foundation - Hyderabad

This is a short report of my first visit to mobile schools run by Samyuktha foundation in Hyderabad.Samyuktha foundation runs mobile schools around Hi-Tech city in Hyderabad and also supports various other activities. Here is the link of Samyuktha foundation http://samyukthafoundation.org/

I came to know about Samyuktha foundation from Natarajan. On August 23rd, 2008 I finally visited a mobile school in Gacchibowli run by Samyuktha foundation. Its a great day in my life. Many thoughts flooded my mind when I saw those smiling children there. They are just amazing. Some of them gave superb dance and singing performances.

My first task in Samyuktha was to track an 8-year old boy (approx) in Telugu, English, Maths and Life skills. This child's name is Balu.There is some spark in his eyes that amazed me. He performed excellently in Telugu, English, Maths of phase-1(Basic education is imparted in two phases in Samyuktha).I was very excited by his performance. When I asked him what he wanted to become in life, he was reluctant to share it with me.( I gave it as homework to him for next week.)
There is another child named Shailaja.My God! She has very high levels of energy and enthusiasm. She danced superbly and she wanted to perform more and more on that day. She is unstoppable. She not only participated but also encouraged her friends to dance and sing with her(she is a database for Telugu songs).I saw a blooming leader in Shailaja.

Not just these two kids but every child present there is special in his/her own way. They showed me the true spirit of life. I enjoyed every moment of my visit. Unknowingly I helped myself by visiting Samyuktha.

Volunteers of Samyuktha are highly committed to the cause they have taken up. They are full of energy and enthusiasm.(This report will become a very long report if I start writing about them. So I will stop here)

May God shower his blessings on those joyful children and also on all the volunteers of Samyuktha.I am eagerly waiting for all the wonderful things my next Saturday will bring to me.


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