Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Visit to SC/ST welfare government school, Palavaakam

On 23rd June 2008, I visited the government school at Palavakam run by SC/ST welfare board of the TN government. There was an article published in a Tamil Daily called, Dinamalar about the school's condition and this inspired me to visit the place.

The headmaster of the school was very rude, may be he was scared because of the press coverage they had the day before. I introduced myself and requested him to list the requirements of the school that he thinks Government would require more time to fulfill. He said, "all my students would need geometry box etc..".When I asked him in specific about students being made to clean the school premises, he questioned me, " What you would be able to do about it?". I told him we can try and deploy someone to help the students and asked him to give all the requirements in writing.

Not sure what made him tell this, but he told me to write a letter in DI letter head and ask for the requirements :-) When I asked for his name, he turned other side and said, "Just address to the headmaster". Well, regardless of his fear, the students here definitely need our help in whatever ways possible. Very soon, I would be writing to the headmaster asking for the requirements in DI letter head. Will keep you all posted.

If you have any comments on the way I approached this situation, please do write to me anytime. Appreciate your feedback.


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