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Counselling Sessions For Class X Students at Alapakkam School

Counselling Sessions For Class X Students

Venue:  Alapakkam School

Date:  08-Mar-2014

Dear Friends,

Dream India team hosted a counseling session on 08-Mar-2014 for about 130 students of class X who are about to appear for the ensuing public exams. Head Master Joseph Sir made all the arrangements for the session. Mid-day meal was made on demand for the students attending the session that day [Held between 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM]. A couple of teachers were also present alongside Head Master Joseph Sir & Pazhani PT sir. Dream India team comprised of Nata, Arun, Chandrakala, Divya Priya and myself. 

We have already arranged a counseling session for Alapakkam School in the year 2009 with the help of our Volunteer Sriram, who requested his colleague Mr. Ramani Sukumar for providing psychological training for the students. Mr. Ramani Sukumar has expired now and Nata tried in many ways to reach out a professional counselor.

Due to non-availability of the counselor, Nata decided to have our own Dream India team to host a counseling session for Alapakkam School students. Except me, all have arrived at sharp 3.00 PM as I dozed off after a small work. Alarm rang hard in my ear and I readied myself & arrived little later.  Soon Nata, Arun welcomed me J.  Joseph Sir started with the introduction of Dream India organization and its collaboration with the School over the recent years.
Nata, then passed on the mike to me to kick-off the counseling session. I was prepared myself on the following subject areas:
  1. How to Channelize the Mind
  2. A demo exercise filled with fun illustrating how to control our mind
  3. A small inspiring story to boost up the morale when we are Completely Down
  4. A fun filled spot survey on what SUCCESS means to them in reality
  5. Concentration Techniques while Studying
Ms. Chandrakala and Divya Priya then took the centre stage to wonderfully articulate more on the Do’s & Don’ts from a standpoint of a student who prepares for an Exam. They both actually took our Vols on a nostalgic trip of our own exam days of how we all studied and appeared.

Nata then started speaking on the incidents from his own life. He beautifully expressed how Education provides stature to an individual. When prodded, students instead of scratching their heads responded so well. This was one thing we Volunteers decided strongly that the entire course of session should never be a one-way conversation. He then promised to the students who scores above 450 will be awarded with a cash prize. Also, most deserving kids can pursue their higher education with Dream India’s support. We requested Pazhani Sir to arrange for Tea from a nearby vendor and I purchased a box of biscuits for all. Nata & Arun packed an exam kit in colorful pouches which students can take it to their exam halls and distributed to all the students with the best wishes from our hearts.
Malliga teacher of Alapakkam School, who is retiring this May delivered the vote of thanks by re-calling how much Dream India team stood by the school and wished the Students “Good Luck”. Head Master Joseph Sir, Pazhani Sir, Malliga teacher conferred all the Dream India members with Shawls. The session ended with the National Anthem at 5.00 PM.

Photos taken during the counseling session are aired in the following picasa weblink:


- அரவிந்தன்

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