Thursday, January 21, 2010

DI Highlight

Dear Friends,

I take great pleasure in sharing a small story that shows the fighting spirit of our kids. Navaneethan is one of our bight students in Adyar class. Currently, he is in ninth standard. Six months ago, we decided to provide Navaneethan scholarship for his typing exam.

The exam is due next month and I happened to meet the instructor. He was not very happy with the performance of our students [ couple of them are eligible to appear for exams next month]. He said he has to try hard and train to get them pass. After this interaction, I met our students and briefed them about the discussion. I simply said, "you guys have set an example for the other fellow students who are coming for the typing class, if you guys fail, then this would only create a fear in other students mind".

Just a few minutes back, I got a message from Navaneethan - 

1st Test. Paper 1 - 20, Paper 2 - 30 Total = 50 Result = Fail

2nd Test. Paper 1 - 0, Paper 2 - 24 Total = 24 Result = Fail

3rd Test  Paper 1-39, Paper 2 -  82 Total = 121 Result = Pass Rank = 4th in class

4th Test Paper 1- 64, Paper 2 - 80 Total = 144 Result = Pass Rank = 2nd in class

God has blessed us to have wonderful kids to with. Our children are the best and they are someone who can go beyond our expectations. It is us, who has got to be there for them. I am very very happy today and am sure they would come out with flying colors. One more important thing - As soon as I announced this in group, our friend Pallavi came forward to support his entire course. Am sure she would be proud and happy as we all are!!!



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