Monday, November 30, 2009

Mayanoor Sports Club - Inauguration

Dear Friends,

I am extremely happy to share the wonderful news that with the help of Mr.Gunasekaran, we have started our very first "Dream India sports club" for Mayanoor school children. 

It has been dream of a few of our friends in DI to create awareness about physical activities and provide a platform to bring the talent of children in various sport. It is then, we met Mr.Gunasekaran sir, HM of Mayanoor school. Sir told me about his dream of starting a sports club for the children and with the consent of our trustees, we decided to execute this project. 

Our friend, Manikandan [ DI Mumbai and Chennai volunteer] would sponsor this sports club entirely on his own. Dream India also thanks Mr.Gunasekaran for giving us a chance to start this sports club and for his wonderful support.

A brief note on Mr.Guna sir: He gave up his lucrative job overseas and came back to India with a burning desire to become a teacher. The students of Mayanoor are the one blessed to have Mr.Guna as their HM. Sir is one of the action board members of our Partner India Sudar.

It is important to note that Mr.Guna sir is gonna take care of the payment to the coach every month on his own. We cannot find a better person than Mr.Guna sir to start this sports club.

Natarajan Raman

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