Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pooja secures admission

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Hallo people,

A piece of good news. Pooja’s admission for the XIth is done – SNDT College – MCVC in Electronics Technology. It’s a minimum competency vocational course, similar to regular XIth FYJC, but that’ll give her vocational training along with a chance to jump into the mainstream once she’s done. Earlier, the management was to put Pooja into XI Commerce at Mamasaheb Mohol College. Thanks to Sameer Sir and Rachna, this thing has become possible. Now she’ll have a fighting chance, should they tell her to leave AG once she’s eighteen years old.

College starts on the 17th of July, 2009 – at 08:15 A.M. So, please try to keep yourselves free on that day. Let’s cheer her on to her first day at college.

Travel – Pooja’ll be taking a bus to college, everyday. They’re looking at the pass thingy. I guess, she’ll get the concession form once college begins – so, that’s that.

But, finally, some good stuff.


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