Monday, May 18, 2009

Hadapsar Updates - Pune DI

Hi all,
We had a ‘Colour Knowing’ class this week. Everyone was to sketch different colours along with its name. After that, we had a short session on Map so that children can know places and locations.

Overall, it was good. We’ll need to get a pack of crayons as the existing one do not has all the colours.

Along with this, we were also told by Nandini madam to get the Map of the world and that of India so that we can teach them various locations and features. Last but not the least, we also need a moral science book which could teach the children basic senses and manners.

Also, I feel, at a personal level, that we should educate even the elders because at times they abuse their kids like anything. All sort of slangs are used on these children. I mean, there are different ways to be strict, but using offensive languages cannot solve the purpose. The pattern repeats, the children learn all these stuffs which they should be quite far off that this age. I am referring to this because of the incident this weekend. I called up ‘Vijay’ for study and his father treated him like hell. Adding to the heat was his brother, I feel. Overall, things got messy and everyone started quarrelling and abusing each other. Such things should not be there. There need to be some proper manners.

Also, there was one guy who told us to teach his kids also. We told him to send them next week at quarter to

Harmit Singh
Volunteer, DI Pune
16th May, 2009

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