Monday, March 16, 2009

DI Chennai: First Aid course and KK visit updates

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to share a quick update on Dream India Chennai's recent activities.

First Aid Course:

On Sunday, 10 of our friends attended the "First Aid Awareness course" organized by Vasantham and conducted by St.John's Ambulance. The session was very useful and all of us learned a lot about first aid. A detailed document,which would be the official first aid document by DI and Vasantham, would be share with you all soon.

Couple of things to be shared:


The team involved on rescue mission looks for the number stored as "ICE" [ In case of emergency] on mobile of the injured. They had a request for us to spread this message to all. This is internationally recognized code word and hence request everyone to store the number that one can contact in case of emergency as "ICE".

In case of having more than one numbers, say someone is living Chennai for work, but family in Pune, then you can store your local contact as ICE and family back in Pune as ICE1 or ICE2. Same goes for people staying abroad.

108 and 1066:

These are the emergency numbers one can call in Tamil Nadu. If you are in a position where you cannot stay back and help someone by giving first aid, then you can simply dial this number and give the details like location etc and ask them attend this.

Please find out the local number for your city and keep them stored.

We were also trained on CPR technique for adults, children and infant. Fire accidents, Road accidents, Poison, Electric shock and lot many more like how to use clothes, handkerchiefs or even dubbatas or shirts as hand slings were also taught.

As I mentioned earlier, Shyam is in the process of making a document on this. Upon inputs from all who attended the session, we would come up with a final draft and release the document. This would be available in our website for reference any time.

Friends attended:

Shyam, Hema, Swapna, Divya, Vishnu, Aditya, Anurag, Kavitha, Mujeeb and Natarajan.

Kaakum Karangal Visit:

We visited Kaakum Karangal old age home on Sunday evening. We had a special guest today joining us. Our twin sister friends Elavarasi and Vimala's mother joined us for the visit. We served chola puri, coffee and bananas to all the residents.

Our friends spent time with the residents as usual and we left the home by 8.30 PM. Overall, the day was really wonderful and with weekend class on Saturday, the weekend was complete fun and meaningful.

Team: Shyam, Ravin, JP, Sreeja, Elavarsi, Vimala, their mom and Nata.


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