Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chennai Anna Nagar Update

Dear All,

Things have been moving at a slow pace in Anna Nagar classes. But thankfully - steadily.

Rains did hit our classes badly and water had entered a lotta homes in the street crippling the day to day activity of our kids and their families. Few houses don't actually have floors - which meant - water actually seeped into their homes from the ground also; bad state.

We did not have classes during that Saturday; Durai was able to go in on Sunday. However, we contiued with our classes from the following week. Last week, they did not have power supply for three continuous days - not sure if it continued after last Sunday.

Thanks to Amsa and family (the owners of our classroom) - they had already cleaned our class room by removing all the water that came in with all their hard work. This actually saved us a lot of time and start off the classes immediately.

The kids are in good shape and thankfully no illness or casualties because of the rains.

September 2008 marked the completion of the first year of our Small Savings scheme. With all the hard work and diligence shown by the kids, we were able to sustain the SSS for 11 kids (as planned). The second year of the SSS could have started on a better note though. Thanks to rain and Teacher's/Children's day celebrations the kids had in their schools, not much contribution came in from the kids for the months of October and November. As always, we were able to fill in and make up the initiative going.

Thanks and Regards,
Chennai Anna Nagar Classes.

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