Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chennai updates

Dear Friends,

I take great pleasure in updating you all with recent activities of DI Chennai team.

KK Visit:

  • As planned, on Sunday, Oct 12th, 2008, we visited Kaakum Karangal and served dinner for all the inmates of the home. 
  • Many of our friends like Hari, Chris could not join us because of the heavy rain and a few others for their trip back home as it was a long weekend. 
  • Elavarasi reached the home around 7PM, soon Parthy and myself joined her .
  • Hariharan and JP was the next to reach with which we started the prayer session.
  • Soon Ravin and Kartik reached the home and we all started serving dinner for the inmates.
  • We served 4 idlies and one vada to each of them. We had ordered 50 packs so that we can ensure all of them eat well.
  • Most of them asked us about other friends and we told them that they could not make it because of the rain.
  • We also bought 100 bananas and gave them two each.
  • A very important point to note is the time we spent with them. With each visit the love and affection those elderly parents shower on us in increasing a lot. Many of them opened their hearts out and it became quite emotional at times.
  • On a personal level, all the volunteers contributed some amount and we gave 1050rs [ 25rs to each of the inmates] as they needed some amount for a few needs. [ Note: This particular donation was not done on behalf of DI E&C Trust ]
  • Attached project reports for the dinner visit.
Adyar Class:

  • The class on Saturday went on really well. We had 18 students attend the class. In a month's time, we should be able to figure out the number of students who would be regular. Most of the students who were present for last week class did attend this week's class too
  • We had a few new students join us.
  • We divided the students to 4 groups and gave them each a situation of "Meet and Greet" and asked them to perform the same in English. 
  • They were given 10 minutes time to prepare for the event.
  • Response from students was really good. Many of them tried speaking in English without minding the mistakes.
  • Each team was asked to perform the same in Tamil once the English part was over. 
  • Parthy corrected the homework of the children.
  • After each session, volunteers and other students gave feedback for the team that performed.
  • 5 students who performed well were given one pen as a token of appreciation.
  • Session went on well past 2 hours. 
  • JP, Parthy, Ravin and myself we handled the class this time.
  • We have planned for elocution competition for these children. Gave them each a topic and asked them to prepare for the same both in English and Tamil.
Snapshttp://picasaweb.google.com/natadreams/Kk_visit_oct#       [ contains KK and Adyar class snaps ]

Srini's class:
  • As Srini has exams this month end, Ravin is giving him special coaching to clear the exam on "Probability"
  • They have had couple of sessions already and Ravin is sincerely working in making sure Srini's clears this paper. [ Whole of his class skipping this paper this time without appearing for it].
  • We would start the spoken English class once exams are over for him.
Valasarvakam Class:

  • The classes here are going on fine.
  • We have also started classes for girl students here.
  • Apart from weekend classes, we also conduct computer classes these days.
  • We had Arunan and a few more new volunteers join the team.
Anna Nagar Class:

  • Classes are going on fine here too.
  • We conduct personality development class at TVK school every Saturday apart from the weekend class.
  • Plans are on to celebrate kids birthdays every month.
Will keep writing to you all as much as possible. 


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