Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update on Mumbai education project

We have been supporting the education of a milkman in Mumbai for the last three years and recently our volunteer Padmaja and her father have been helping the daughters in preparing for their examinations. This e-mail is about how the children are faring in their exams...

Hi everybody,

This is a small but quite a significant update on the educational progress made by Raju the milkman's daughter in her studies. She is currently in Std X , and has just given her unit tests in the last week of August. She has scored 71% overall ( equivalent to almost 82 % when compared to the State board pattern of correction).She has secured 29/30 in Geometry and 22/30 in Algebra.Previously she was weak in these subjects, but she has worked very hard on her concepts and has done exceedingly well.She has scored more than 85% in Science as well.

She aspires to pursue a course in Biotechnology . We at DreamIndia sincerely hope that she is able to fulfill her dreams and this could turn out be an yet another success story in the making..

Dream India

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